Rho Calling – Further information

For more information about Rho Calling, the call, the presentation of the project site, the project groups and the awards visit this page.

The Risorgimento-Pantanedo area is the site with which Rho intends to target the future, building a broad and creative vision, but also one more widely shared and concrete. For this reason, as those who have studied innovation production processes have long pointed out, the promoters have identified the tool of the call for ideas as the most effective way of collecting original ideas while leaving the actors free to express their viewpoints. An instrument open to ideas, choices and potential and possible scenarios (which today are quite difficult to focus on) and at the same time an important and fundamental instrument of co-creation, starting from the future inhabitants themselves.

The call is addressed to students of the Politecnico di Milano, in teams together with the mentors.

It is the use of the ancient practice of mentoring, as an effective method in a process that facilitates the “cross-fertilization” of knowledge. Mentoring on the one hand represents a forward learning approach for students and a way to share and ensure that knowledge and experience are transmitted from the present generation to the next, on the other hand it represents the transfer of fresh ideas between one generation and another, with the possibility that more substantial ideas will emerge from this process.

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