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Students*, designers and other professionals**, and third parties*** have a space available to present their profiles and details. The goal is to create a project team that can support students’ ideas and enable them to attain their full potential, presenting architectural and urban planning ideas and scenarios as well as strategies for their transformation, on how it is possible to trigger urban regeneration processes.

Do not insert advertisements or descriptions of products in general or offensive content irrelevant to the initiative. Profiles that fail to correspond to Teammiup's goals will be removed.

* in group form, with a minimum of 2 students, regularly enrolled in the Politecnico di Milano.
** professionals, teachers, partnerships, design companies, etc., in the role of Mentors, who will accompany the group of students in a creative collaboration.
*** figures who by their role as animators and supervisors are capable of adding value to the definition of the project ideas (e.g. localized companies, real estate owners, territorial associations, functional representatives, stakeholders in the community and territory, opinion leaders, etc…).

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Do not hesitate to contact rhocalling@teammiup.it, to request clarifications and ask questions regarding the insertion of your profile.